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Sending artwork to PPS has never been easier

In these days of “fast turnaround” isn’t it good to know that there is something out there to make the transportation of artwork faster and also easier.

At PPS we are problem solvers and our latest innovation will make life even easier! We call it “PPS Artwork drop” and in a nut shell it is a little icon that sits on your desktop which can send fi les to PPS across the internet. When you want to supply us with artwork all you do is simply select the item you want and then drag and drop onto the icon, and that’s it. Quick, Easy and Safe.

How does it work?

PPS Artwork drop software uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload the artwork to our dedicated artwork database. Unlike other printers who ask you to send artwork via FTP, we remove the hassle. Our software cuts out the confusing pitfalls of FTP client software.

No need for downloads

We will send you an email with all the complicated passwords, user id etc all set up for you. All you have to do is open up the application we email to you onto your desktop and you’re ready to go. It really is that easy!
You will have a little icon appear on your desktop (see bottom left) and with a simple “drag and drop” your artwork is on the way to PPS. It then sends an email to the PPS Studio to let us know (you don’t even have to do that!).

Better for the Environment

It is everyones duty to do what they can to reduce the impact of their actions on the planet. The little things that we do everyday soon start to mount up. If you consider how artwork was sent previously, a CD/DVD was created, put into an envelope and posted. You may not think that the Carbon Footprint for this is very large, but when you consider all the materials that have been used to make each disk, envelopes, postage and all the delivery implications, the impact soon starts to mount up. Especially if you consider people do this everyday, all around the world. PPS feel that by one tiny action (sending fi les from computer to computer via the internet), we can all try to make a difference and reduce the harm to the planet.

Check out our web site for other ways we are positively contributing to environmental issues, including our FSC and PEFC accreditations.

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