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PPS And The Environment


06 Progressive and the Environment (05-04-07)

PPS & The EnvironmentFSC


With such an important issue as the Environment you can’t really call yourself ‘advanced in outlook’ without exploring the options.

I remember vividly, being asked as a child ‘where does paper come from’ and being stumped for an answer.

How ironic that today, as an adult, I would be out of work if I hadn’t found that answer!

At PPS we put ink on paper. That’s it really.
Apart from some pretty nifty designs that’s what we do.

My schoolboy answer seems most appropriate at this time.

‘Paper comes from trees. Trees have lots of pretty leaves and help us live and breathe.
We live in houses but birds, insects and some animals live in trees. Trees are their home.’

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent non profit, non governmental organisation. It is an association of members from environmental and social groups, the timber trade and the forestry profession, community forestry groups and other organisations from around the world.

FSC runs a global forest certification system that includes two key aspects;
Forest Management and Chain of Custody certification. This ensures that timber produced in certified forests has been traced from the forest to the end user.

FSC enables you to buy forest products with confidence that you are not contributing to global forest destruction.

All FSC managed forests ensure long term timber supplies whilst protecting the environment and the lives of forest dependant peoples. Remember, ‘trees are their home’

It’s a fact that half of the worlds entire commercial timber is needed to make paper products (source WWF). Doesn't that seem incredible to you?
The paper and print industry has the power to impose a massive impact on how our forests are managed.

Progressive want to be part of that impact.

Through using and specifying FSC paper from well managed forests Progressive would be giving value to responsible forestry practices and also ensuring that you, as our clients, do not contribute to this current, global, destruction of our forests.

When we print for you we own the pulp or paper product until job completion and invoice, and there is one simple rule. If you own the paper then you will need a ‘Chain of Custody’ certification or the chain will be broken and the next owner of the product (you the client) will not be able to say that the product is FSC Certified.

Publishers and Printers need to adopt Chain of Custody as an integral part of ethical business practice.

Progressive Print Services Limited hold FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ accreditation and to this end adhere to its beliefs, promises and responsibilities.

Steve Burrows Director PPS Ltd.

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5 Apr 07
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